9 GA Galvanized Barbed Fencing Staples

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The DEWALT 9 GA Fencing Staples are designed for use with the DCFS950 cordless fencing stapler. Featuring divergent point tips, single barb legs paired with an adhesive coating, a galvanized zinc-aluminum coating, and are available in three common sizes of 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 2″ to handle a wide variety of rural applications. With these staples you can get the job done quickly and be confident they will stand tough against the elements long after the job is done.
9 Gauge – For strength and durability to meet rural application needs
Divergent Point Tips – For proper staple drive across wood grain
Zinc-Aluminum Coating – Exceeds class 3 rating for long term corrosion resistance
Barbed Staple with Adhesive Coating – For increased holding power
Paper Tape Collation – For speed and efficiency compared to loose staples